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Assessing the Impact of the Thailand-European Union Free Trade Agreement on Trade and Investment in Thailand

Incoherent policies on universal coverage of health insurance and promotion of international trade in health services in Thailand

International service trade and its implications for human resources for health

A study on characteristics of international patient from Southeast Asia region in private hospitals in Thailand

Cross-border movement of older patients- a descriptive study on health service use of Japanese retirees in Thailand

Smoking, smoking cessation, and 7-year mortality in a cohort of Thai adults


Assessing the impact of the Thailand-European Union Free Trade Agreement on trade and investment in Thailand



โครงการศึกษา ประสบการณ์การดำเนินงานเพื่อให้บริการผู้ป่วย

Cross-border Utilization of Health Care Services by Myanmar Residents Living around Mae Sai - Tachileik Economic Zone